Student Accident Insurance

Our Mellon Family would like to encourage all of our parents & guardians to purchase a Student Accident Insurance Policy for their children especially if they do not have health/accident insurance coverage and/or play sports.  You have the option to purchase such coverage at reasonable rates.  While the medical coverage is voluntary ~ it certainly provides great protection for all children.  


Just a reminder that the school district does not provide accident insurance for our students ~ and just because an accident should happen at school ~ we are not responsible for medical treatment

(unless we are negligent in providing a safe environment).


There are a couple of good changes in this year's policy options:


(1)  The plan offers 4 benefit options, Basic, Option A, B and C.  The Basic plan for “At School” coverage is as low as $9.00. 

(2)  Basic and Option A benefit plan for Senior High School Football.  The Basic plan for Football is now as low as $75.00 with the option of purchasing higher benefits.   

(3)  Eliminated the additional cost for Soccer, Hockey and Lacrosse and have added them to the “All other Sports” coverage.  The Basic plan for “All other Sports” also now INCLUDES “At   School” or “24 hr” protection depending on what the purchaser chooses.  This premium is as low as $24.00 but for only $3.00 more they are able to purchasing the higher benefit.



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